Our Team

President Becky Tomilchik

Year: Senior, Pre-Med, Public Health Science

Dreams and Aspirations: Hopes to one day be an NFL runningback, but will settle for the Terps. Also hopes to one day own the Jackson Hole Resort.

Fun Fact: Speaks Russian.

Vice President Erin Nolan

Year: Senior, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dreams and Aspirations: Already plans on coming on Terpski as a graduate

Fun Fact: Has ridden a bull for 14 seconds.

Treasurer Maya Samman

Year: Junior, Pre-Med, B.S. Psychology

Dreams and Aspirations:  work in progress

Fun Fact: Ate McDonalds for the first time(s) at age 19... all with Jess.

PR and Social Media: Jess Barmine

Year: Junior, Pre-Med, Public Health Science and Spanish

Dreams and Aspirations: Hopes to be a Ben and Jerry's Flavor Guru.

Fun Fact: Is lactose-intolerant.

Brand Manager: Connor Bovino

Year: Senior, B.S. Info Science

Dreams and Aspirations: Is determined to live in a van chasing snow and waves

Fun Fact: Found a way to break wrist on a ski lift

Events Coordinator: Coleman Cunningham

Year: Senior, B.S. Economics

Dreams and Aspirations: Hopes to one day go to Becky's resort and/or cheer for Becky's NFL team.

Fun Fact: Certified Scuba Diver 

Events Coordinator: Brian Garchitorena

Year: Junior, Fire Protection Engineering

Dreams and Aspirations: Settle down with a wife and kids and live on a farm... on Mars.

Fun Fact: Once ate a hot dog from Burger King and couldn't stand up for 3 days.

Sponsorship and Outreach: Nik Utz

Year: Junior, Poor Mans Comp Sci

Dreams and Aspirations: Aspires to one day actually be affiliated with Utz chips. Hopes to never see Coleman in a borat Speedo again.

Fun Fact: Does not speak Russian as well as Becky.

Videographer: Ryan Hackney

Year: Sophomore, B.S. Computer Science

Dreams and Aspirations: Wants to star on "The Greatest Catch".

Fun Fact: Idolizes Guy Fieri and says, "Welcome to Flavortown" after every ski jump.